You’re ready for a deep dive.

You’ve been growing and grounding your work through your intentional writing practice. You understand what serves your creative flow. You’ve nurtured your stories with love and patience, pouring your heart and soul into every word.

Lately, you’ve felt the call to take your project to the next level, but you’re not sure how to take the next steps toward that vision. You want to shape or restructure a book manuscript, to balance or unify an essay collection, to see the bigger picture of what you’ve created and what you want it to become.


share your story


How does your writing resonate with others? You seek intuitive feedback that honors your process as much as the words themselves. Perhaps you’ve already taken your work to several trusted peers or a conventional workshop, but the critiques feel muddy and the way forward uncertain. 

Yes, the workshop model asks us to remove the personal in the feedback we offer, to talk instead about the “persona” or “narrator” in the work. But you are still its creator, and your connection to your words needs tending too.

I am here to help you honor and protect that bond.


explore your feedback


Together, we will sift through all the comments, critiques, and other responses to your work that you have already gathered — and if you haven’t done this yet, we will create intention around how and where to seek it.

Then, with intuitive support, you will discern what your feedback truly has to tell you. You will get clear on how others’ readings of your work resonate with your creative intentions. In this way, you’ll be able to take those next steps in your revision not under someone else’s sovereignty but with your own soul guidance.


align your vision


You’ve got this, I promise. Let me hold the space in which you’ll call upon your own intuition to illuminate the way forward, with deep empathic support. These sessions are for you if you’re ready to shift your work in progress into its next stage of growth.

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Three-session packages from $330

Each 60-minute session includes

Intuitive guidance using the modality of your choice

Energetic assessments of creative flow and guided visualizations provide spirited insight into the practical path forward.

Guided Intention setting

Grounding rituals around the process of revision support the unfolding of your work in progress.

optional accountability check-iNS

Sacred space for nurturing your weekly and monthly intentions/goals keeps you connected to your larger vision. 

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Before we agree to work together, we’ll begin with a free alignment conversation to see if I am a good fit for you and your writing. We’ll discuss the scope of your project and decide what custom support you need for your next steps. Then we’ll consider how often you would like to meet via video conference and choose the number of sessions that fits your preferred pace to move your vision (and re-vision!) forward. Packages begin at a minimum of three sessions, with a 10 percent discount for additional sessions at the time of purchase.