Draft: the story behind the name of my practice


When I first began envisioning a name for my business, I wanted it to honor the practice, more than the result, of creativity. I eventually chose the word draft — a reference to work in progress rather than the finished product of our efforts. It also alludes to the idea of creative flow, the intuitive currents that direct and inspire our work.

Drafting additionally describes the aerodynamic technique that lets us reduce the effects of drag. When geese migrate in their V-formations, they align themselves in such a way that the trailing air currents created by the contours of one bird’s wings ease the effort required for the bird that follows.*

How does this particular idea manifest in my coaching? As creators, we often pursue our work in solitude. Without it, the introspection that nurtures our deepest connections to creative flow is hard to sustain — and our inner guidance even harder to hear.

But our work in progress, whether it is still within ourselves or on the page, also benefits from the support of others. When we draft — drawing upon the support of a creative partner for encouragement and clarity of direction — our work is less effortful. And when we look at our work as practice, not product, our drafts become more than imperfect iterations. They are an essential part of a creative whole. This is the heart of my coaching philosophy.

As these facets of the word draft continue to inform how I show up in service as a coach or mentor, I occasionally receive very real reminders of that philosophy behind my work. This winter, I stepped outdoors with my kids to watch them take their first steps in knee-high snowdrifts. I had my SLR camera for once instead of just my phone — because snow of any depth isn’t common in our part of the Pacific Northwest, and I wanted to capture it with a better lens.

Just as we finished breaking a path along our front walk, I looked up to see geese flying in formation toward us, unusually low and cleanly silhouetted against the morning sky. I expected them to rise, to bank, to change their course before reaching us, but I aimed my camera at them anyway. To my amazement, I was able to release the shutter as they passed directly overhead.

I didn’t get to upload the morning’s shots to my computer for a few days, but when I did, I found the lucky photo above. What was even more striking to me, though, was the date on the file — exactly one year from the day I chose the name for my business.

Seeing the geese in this context not only reaffirmed my belief in my work but also made it clear that they needed to be part of my business’s virtual home. So I’m honoring the synchronicity of their appearance by placing them on the Draft landing page. Theirs is the first image you’ll see, along with my definition of the drafting I hope to support you in.

I believe in easing resistance in our work by nurturing how we practice creativity. And I believe in the magic of meaningful mentorship — guidance that sustains our connection to creative flow and allows our work in progress to unfold in an organic way.

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* This is technically called vortex surfing, which is related to drafting. For the science lovers reading this, drafting takes advantage of stiller currents behind a moving body (you encounter less resistance) whereas vortex surfing takes advantage of increased lift forces (you receive an actual upward boost). In V-formation flight, the latter occurs. But either way, you exert less effort to get where you want to go.