Dreams are a conduit to your creativity.


And I want to show you how to open a dialogue with your dreams that will support your creative work.

You don’t have to have elaborate night visions to start the conversation. When I began working with my dreams, I remembered no more than a few words or images when I woke. But the simple practice of writing them down primed me to recall more and more detail within a matter of weeks. And then patterns to these details started to emerge.

my dreams were talking to me in the language of metaphor.

And they showed me solutions to some of my deepest creative blocks.

Are you curious to learn what creative guidance lies below the surface of the stories unfolding in your sleep?



 let’s take a dive


Here’s what we’ll explore


In this 5-week course you’ll learn to

  • Develop your ability to recall your dreams in greater detail

  • Prioritize where to focus your explorations in your dream material to serve your creative needs

  • Apply dreamwork to specific creative challenges or blocks

  • Build a glossary for your personal dream vocabulary that you can continue to expand

  • Hone a tool you can use to support your creative process over and over again, across any medium you choose


Course schedule

All sessions will be held via Zoom on Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time (start date TBA)

During each 60-90 minute class, we will focus on techniques you can immediately put into practice within your creative work. We’ll begin each session with a brief guided journaling exercise to lead into the discussion topic of the week. We’ll explore real dream examples to build your diving skills. And at the end, you’ll receive action steps you can try out on your own, which will help you ground into the program and prepare for each subsequent class’s conversation.

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WEek 1: setting intentions for your dreamwork

Transforming fears and concerns into curiosity about your blocks

week 2: Grounding your practice

Observing your dream habits and choosing sustainable rituals

week 3: Sorting your impressions

Organizing your dream notes and practicing dream sharing

week 4: integrating your work

Reflecting on your developing practice and aligning it as your creative needs shift
(60-minute 1:1 coaching session for guidance in tailoring your dreamwork to support a specific project of your choice)

week 5: transforming blocks into guides

Choosing action steps for your creative work with the support of your dreams

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Reserve your space


When you enroll, you’ll receive a welcome e-mail within two business days, in which you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group for discussion between classes and for community connection. You’ll also gain access to a classroom portal where all course content will be stored, including a video replay of each session. All sessions will be held via Zoom on Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time (start date TBA).


payment plans available


 what will you discover?


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