ground your words


You know you’re a storymaker. A storykeeper.


You see narratives everywhere, parse poems from life’s daily din. You feel the call to the page, but you’re not sure how to answer it. Maybe you jot in a notebook, on random scraps of paper, on a blog no one knows about but you. Or you dictate into your phone and, when you’re feeling brave, craft well-turned captions on Instagram.

But no, you say, I’m not a writer. Not the kind with a capital W. Don’t I need a book or a degree — or both — for that?

Not at all. Writing — storymaking — is for everyone.

What stories
do you want to tell?

To whom? Why?

The answers to all of these questions matter. They define your unique voice.


nurture your voice


Your practice is waiting for you.

Every person’s writing process — how we invite our creativity to flow — is as unique as each writer’s voice. Having a process,  or practice, that fits our creative needs grounds our work and helps us tell our stories well. Allow yourself to be guided in nurturing a writing practice that truly serves YOU.

In this series of six 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, you will be guided in:

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Discerning your intentions

Explore what informs and inspires your writing.

Restorying your myths

Confront what is keeping your writer self silent and transform it into supportive truth.

Creating A sacred space

Establish a sanctuary where your voice can grow and develop — while maintaining a spirit of exploration and play.

Building ritual into your practice

Ground your work by supporting it with everyday magic. Find the magic that fits who you are.

Developing connections

Expand your circle of support into the wider world to continue nurturing your practice as it evolves.

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6 sessions : $360

Ready to claim your voice? Let’s connect to see if I am the right person to guide you in creating your writing practice.

This is for you if ...

·        You want to transform your dream of writing into a supportive, sustainable practice
·        You’re willing to sit with your thoughts and feelings, to explore what’s beneath the surface of your writer identity
·        You relish the chance to connect with your inner voice and hear what it wants to say — to you, and to the world!

This is not for you if ...

·        You want to be coached in the craft of writing
·        You're looking for a line editor/proofreader to review a manuscript
·        You want to be told what to do instead of allowing yourself to be guided to the answers within

seeking more clarity on the details?