hold your intentions

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Setting a goal is easy. 

It’s the follow-through that’s hard, right? Well, not so fast. Sometimes the goals we choose for ourselves set us up for failure before we can even begin the journey forward.

Do you have creative goals you’ve been struggling to meet no matter how many ways you’ve tried to define them? 

Do you start creative projects and lose interest in them within a few days or weeks, unsure why they no longer excite you?

Do you sabotage your efforts by making excuses for yourself and putting others’ requests first instead of committing the time and space to your work that you know you need? 

It’s okay. We’ve all been there, and it feels awful. But the road to hell doesn’t have to be paved with your abandoned intentions. Let’s find the true path you wish to walk.

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Custom accountability partnering 

A one-month subscription includes:

1 60-minute intention exploration

We’ll delve into the heart of your goals and together discern the desires that feed them. Once we’ve defined the foundations of your intentions, we’ll set the course for the month and call in the support for your vision.

1 month of weekly check-ins

You’ll receive personal e-mails or texts at the beginning of each week to connect over your work as well as a follow-up response to your reply with intuitive insights to assist you in your journey. If you’re encountering resistance in your process, I will support you in determining what you need to take your next steps. 

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$190 for new subscriptions
$160 for renewals

Click below to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to learn more.

Need clarity through a real-time conversation? Additional 60-minute consultations can be purchased through the month at hourly rates.