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How do you wish to be seen?

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As an applicant for a creative position or an entrepreneur seeking the right audience, your words represent how you show up in the world. Whether you need to craft a personal statement or write copy for a personal website, you want to be seen for who you are and to connect to others with authenticity.

Owning our identities, claiming our gifts, and speaking our truths can be enormously daunting. How do we write about ourselves from a position of confidence and honesty?

Whether you are a practiced writer or a reluctant wordsmith, I will guide you through the process of creating a statement, bio, or other personal text that speaks with your voice, empowered by your unique gifts.

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claim your gifts


During a free initial consultation, we will illuminate the purpose of your personal text. Once we decide to work together, we will vision into the heart of what you have to say — what lights you up and sets your creative energy afire. Then, using intuitive prompting and practical drafting exercises,  you’ll craft your message to the world, step by step, word by word.

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Your words, your voice

In this one-month series of generative guidance sessions, you will:

Get clear on your creative identity

Define who you are as writer, artist, designer, creator — in language that comes from you.

Connect with your audience

Find the optimal energetic meeting ground where your work resonates most with those you wish to reach. 

present your story with confidence

Unite the ideas of who you are and what you do in a statement crafted to call in the right recipients for your gifts.

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3 sessions : $330

Sessions are designed to include one integration week and can be adjusted to accommodate most project timelines. If you already have a firm deadline in mind for your statement or application, I will work to honor it; however, any deadlines must be discussed in our consultation. Additional sessions may be added as needed at a 10 percent discount per hourly session.

This is for you if ...

·        You want what you say to match how you show up in the world. 
·        You’re looking for an authentic way to tell your professional story for a creative application (for example, to a residency or graduate program) that will let you and your gifts be seen. Truly seen.
·        You want to create a bio or artist’s statement for your personal website or portfolio that will help you connect with your clients.

This is not for you if ...

·        You are looking for someone to write an essay or statement for you. 
·        You are solely interested in line editing/proofreading and do not desire guidance in envisioning your initial draft.
·        You have a creative manuscript for which you are seeking feedback. (I do work with writers who would like this kind of assistance. See this offering for more information.)

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With gentle yet persistent nudges, leslie helped me unpack what was underneath my writer’s block when I applied to graduate school.

I had to draft statements of professional experience, personal history, and diversity. Putting pen to paper was such a struggle! She posed the tough questions about my larger goals (during the program AND in life) and the contribution I could make to my field. She has an incredible, laser-sharp eye for diving into my professional/life goals, exploring what experiences informed those decisions, and suggesting ways to connect the two seamlessly.

She is encouraging, insightful, and thoughtful — I am always intrigued by how she interprets certain phrases or the overall mood of my writing and then provides feedback on how to pivot the language in different directions. She possesses a unique blend of traits — counseling, wordsmithing, and cheerleading — that make our coaching sessions unlike any other I have had. She truly cares about the success of her clients and has a genuine desire to help them succeed. 

Chris Chau

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