You’re sensing resistance in your process.


You’re dragging under the weight of the words that won’t come. Instead of inspiration and direction, you feel pressure without purpose.

You want to reconnect with your flow, to find more ease in the creative current. Truly, you tell yourself, you’d just like to access that current, if only you could remember how.

Our blocks serve our process as much as our flow does. Getting to know them can facilitate greater movement in our creativity — once we understand the interference patterns of these hindrances on our creative energy. 


honor your blocks


Our blocks are subtle guides. They are the shadows that accompany our inspiration. When we examine both together, we gain powerful insight into the heart of the work we are laboring to bring forth. Getting to know our blocks allows us to see what they have to show us — about the work, ourselves, and the intimate connections in between. From that place of understanding, we can discern the path back to a place of creative flow.

I can help you see the way forward.

I hold the space where your blocks can be honored for the guidance they provide. Using deep listening and intuitive reflection, I will support you in transforming what is holding you back into what serves you. 

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I love leslie’s holistic understanding of my process, her non-judgment and compassion, And her calls to have grace with myself when I am apt to be hardest on myself. 

Because she and I began working together right around the time that my writing was undergoing a major crisis, I feel as if the seismic shifts that came out of our work were in my internal relationship with self and world and in the space where the writing comes from. I feel powerfully that, as writer Brenda Ueland once said, in order to write effectively you have to be square with yourself. It’s all inside work, and my conversations with Leslie have proven how crucial it is to know yourself. 

Hannah Lee-Jones

writer, Primal School


 find your flow


As every writer responds differently to the many modalities we can call upon to bring creative flow back into alignment, the work we do will be unique to who you are. During an initial conversation, we will determine the scope of support you feel you need and then decide if I am the right person to serve you.

If we do choose to move forward together, you can expect to be witnessed in your work and guided in intuitive dialogue around your creative process — how you show up to a specific project at hand as well as how you approach your practice in general. Together, we will bring awareness to practical ways of returning balance to your process while infusing it with sacred intention.

Three-session packages from $330

Each 60-minute session includes

intuitive guidance using the modality of your choice

Energetic assessments of creative flow and guided visualizations provide spirited insight into your creative blocks.

Guided intention setting

Collaborative exploration of tangible steps to work with your blocks empowers you in mapping the practical path forward. 

optional accountability check-ins

Sacred space for nurturing your newly created intentions provides additional support as you refine your insights.

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During your free alignment conversation, we’ll consider how often you would like to meet via video conference and choose the number of sessions that fits your preferred pace of work. Packages begin at a minimum of three sessions, with a 10 percent discount for additional sessions at the time of purchase.

wondering how to support A specific block or challenge?